About CareerTrac

CareerTrac is an NIH/NIEHS funded system to enable evaluation of the training program for SRP trainees (i.e., pre- and post-doctoral trainees either directly supported or conducting research/activities supported by SRP P42 or R01 grants) specializing in the environmental health sciences.

CareerTrac can be accessed using an Internet connected web-browser. It accomplishes this purpose by providing the ability to collect, track, and report on information about SRP trainees, such as contact information, biographical information, and training information. The CareerTrac system also supports tracking of trainee accomplishments, such as fellowships, awards, employment, other education, product or policy developments, publications, funding received, presentations, posters at scientific conferences, and students taught.

Intended users of CareerTrac

CareerTrac is intended to be a tool for NIEHS/SRP staff and SRP P42 and R01 grantees to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the SRP training program and also to help NIEHS in overall coordination of its various research training programs. Access will be provided to properly authenticated SRP P42 Center Directors/R01 Principal Investigators, SRP grant administrative staff, and Project/Core Leaders (e.g., Training Core Leaders) and will allow them to enter information about their trainees. PIs and their designated administrators have access only to their own trainee information, not to trainees in other programs. Information about SRP trainees should be entered on a regular basis (if possible) or on an annual basis (e.g., when Type 5 Annual Progress Reports are due February 1).

For administrative privileges and for more information about SRP CareerTrac, please contact:

Carlin, Danielle

Information on how to use CareerTrac can be found in this presentation: